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Why give to this charity?

For many years it was believed that children suffered no long term consequences as a result of frightening experiences in hospital. Despite this commonly held belief, there is freely available evidence dating back to the early 40s and 50s of the last century that clearly shows that the opposite is true.

A great many children undergo medical procedures each and every day. Many are either too young or have not had the right conditions to develop a level of understanding and coping strategies to deal with the anxiety these generate. As a consequence, they will develop signs of psychological trauma. These can be short or long term consequences of the experience and can include many very negative and distressing feelings and behaviour that can be difficult to understand, to deal with and appear impossible to overcome for both parent and child. In some instances, these patterns of behaviour and the emotional disturbance can last a lifetime.

There is considerable evidence that reducing anxiety at the time of medical intervention reduces these signs and symptoms. Most importantly of all, it is pivotal in attempting to reduce anxiety that any assistance or intervention attempts to either help the child develop the necessary coping strategies to deal with the negative experience, or they offer a coping mechanism in real time that the child can engage with.

How and why this charity works

When POEMS For Children was first set up in 2007, most medical professionals still believed that negative experiences did the children no harm and that they would just get over any emotional disturbance. They in turn were teaching trainees under their care this same view. Over the last ten years, we have worked successfully to correct this mistake to the point that, now, it is generally known that anxiety in hospitalised children is of significant concern and that something needs to be done to address the problem.

In addition, POEMS For Children has delivered training that has provided a means for medical professionals to manage and reduce the anxiety experienced by the children under their care.

The work you would be supporting by donating, would be the work we currently pursue. In training professionals to understand, detect and manage anxiety in children. Doing so will significantly improve the experiences of children undergoing medical interventions. In addition, POEMS supports and participates in audit and research aimed at exploring this field of interest.

At this point in time we have trained what is now approaching two thousand medical professionals. Each one of them cares for a multitude of children every day and as such, our intervention results in a positive and exponential impact on children throughout the UK and the rest of The World.

So, perhaps you have an interest in what we do. Perhaps you are the parent of a child who has been affected in the manner described. Perhaps you work diligently with an interest and passion for the same issues that we do.

Irrespective of your motivations, please help us.

Help us to help others.

This work makes a difference. It makes a massive difference to children. It makes a difference to the same children as they grow older into adolescence and adult life. And it makes a difference to those same children who have grown to be parents themselves, who in turn will guide the next generation through their own challenging experiences.

The impact of your generosity will be truly trans-generational.

What a gift.

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