POEMS Course – Reviews

How will I benefit from this course?

Feedback data from past candidates clearly shows that the course improves a practitioner’s ability to effectively communicate with anxious children. It also shows that any practitioner in any role can manage and reduce anxiety in children under their care. On occasion the anxiety can be prevented altogether.

It is without doubt that a team of trained practitioners utilising the techniques introduced on the course will dramatically reduce the prevalence and degree of general and procedure-related anxiety in children undergoing medical interventions. This will also lead to a reduction in the consequent morbidity experienced by these children and a global improvement in patient experience.

“Every now and again you go on a study day that really changes your practice and yours certainly has for me … it really works and is the way ahead!”

What previous attendees think

“As a course this set some benchmarks for the correct approach – based on sound knowledge.”

“It would be a useful course for everyone who works with children.”

“The quality of the information I learned on this course far outstrips previous information on communication techniques, and the delivery is accessible and democratic – teachers practiced what they preached.”